ClinDATC Software 2.0 Unleashed!

Good News! Make it two. ClinDATC website is finally ready to be accessed by the general public. ClinDATC software v2.0.0 is ready for download. What ‘ClinDATC’? It stands for ‘Clinical DATa Collection’ It was originally developed for longitudinal clinical study but along the way, we tweaked the time-points such that it serves many scenarios: Customer […]

Major Release: ClinDATC 2.0.0

2.0.0 [2016-02-01] Added Account management page for all users and all participants respectively Visit label and instrument name options to Wipe Participant Data tool get_header() function to replace ‘include header.php‘ method in order to add page <title> and custom codes easily get_topNav() function to replace ‘include topNav.php‘ method in order to add additional menu easily […]