ClinDATC Demo Upgraded to 2.2.0

The latest version of ClinDATC 2.2.0 is available for download (here) and installation instructions (here). You may also login ClinDATC Demo (here) to test this new upgraded version. Please tell us what you think about our website or our software. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

ClinDATC 2.2.0 – Various Bug Fixes

2.2.0 [2016-07-01] Added Bootstrap table hover rows effect when assigning instrument(s) to visit in Developer Tools Changed Removed the underutilized token key used in Participant Visit page and instead deployed participant ID in URL. Dropped the ‘participant_hash‘ column in MySQL participant table Standardization in input names: Hyphen instead of underscore for Checkbox inputs e.g. name=”helloworld_1″ to name=”helloword-1″ Removed participant_tstamp column […]